People who inspire


Are you that person? Yes you are! Yes I am! should be your answer. We all can. We are put into peoples lives to do just that sometimes. I refuse to think of any other way. There are negative reasons why people are put in our lives, but is the lesson we get from it that is inspiring.
Who inspired you today? Did you inspire today? My hot yoga teacher inspired me today, I’ll call her “Caro”, she usually teaches class very fast and intense. But today, Caro was very slow and patient and gentle in her teaching. I felt very relaxed in between poses and in savasana, I drifted off, meditated and just let go.
I truly needed that today, and that is exactly what I got. I was inspired by her actions, by her dedication, her ability to do something she loves and teaches it with the same love. I was inspired to continue to do what I love and spread that same love to those I come across. If its one of my clients, a stranger or even you.

Inspire by being you, the TRUE YOU!


Life of Pi


I just went to watch LIFE OF PI and what better way to start my week off with such an inspirational story.  The last week I have been having some dreams that consisted of symbols and I couldn’t help but do some research in dream interpretation books and a dream dictionary to find out what it all means.  And it seems that that is what life consists of, finding the meaning.  Finding your true core value, the unbreakable in yourself and in God.  I have come to face my suppressed fears and in my dreams they surfaced and in my waking life, I had to either come to terms with it, accept all aspects or change it.  A few days following my dreams I went on a search within, attached myself to the symbols of my dreams, saw the fear in each one but most of all felt the peacefulness of it as well.  The dreams showed me to be rooted in my goals as it will grow with my nourishment and will manifest with the belief that everything is already on its right course.  There is no room for doubt, in your mind, heart and words, it must match your thoughts, actions, and desires.  Everything must be aligned to be fulfilled.  Believe and it will.  I truly do now!  I understand the meaning to it all, it comes from me, nothing on the outside can tell me otherwise.

Life of Pi is the story of a young boy who lost everything and faced death, but with his will and faith in God he survived.  The strength in his mind and the love of God in his heart is what kept him alive.  We don’t know any pain unless we go through it, unless we face it.  Then at that moment we can live with it or barrel through it.

I highly suggest you watch this movie, great CGI effects, wonderful story and if it inspires and changes you, we can thank God for that.  =)

The movie called to me, and I watched it just in time to get the message.  It was in my path.

Have faith my friends, God is always with you, in you!  LOVE!!

Make you one!!

Image“People are able because they think they are able”

My friend Omid and I talked about having an art day and doing vision boards together, within 2 weeks, we met and manifested the idea.  With Bob Marley as our inspiration, we created a vision board that each represented us(see above).  At our session, soo much inspiration was flowing through us, realization after realization was upon us, and our creation was the manifestation of us.  Everything that we need, we already have.  I like the idea of having sessions with people to create a vision board, help them, create with them and inspire them.

So here it is, the next great adventure, Vision Board Swagg, make you one!! Letz connect!

Once you put everything that is on your dream list, on paper and visually see it, you start to manifest it.  You create your own future, and in order to do that you must consistently remind yourself that what you do now in your life will bring you into that path.  Change your attitude towards situations, you only suffer because you choose to.  Choose to accept it for what it is and keep moving forward, the dwelling factor will not solve the problem.  A vision board is a path that you laid out for yourself, you hoped for and now you must strive for.


You know this! So be that able person!!  Love Love Love you all!!

Martin Luther King Jr.

ImageOn Monday, we remembered, not only the Man but the inspiring words and the strong voice of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He embodied a true hero, a man who stood and spoke for those who didn’t have the courage.  He trusted his ability to make a difference and with that I believe he learned a valuable lesson, how to live.

Today I came across this quote by MLK JR., “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”  Plain and simple, Don’t give up!  Don’t make the CAN’T’s a reason to stop you, find the CAN DO’s to keep you moving ahead.  There should be no reason for you be complacent in any aspect of your life and wonder “what if’s”, its not healthy and not supportive of your own self.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live”, Trust the natural born abilities that you have and diminish any negative thoughts that questions your abilities.  Also stay away from negative people who only suck the energy out of you, when in reality its an insecurity that needs to be faced in order to overcome.  Trust your first instincts, trust the voice within, trust yourself.  Do yourself the favor, and live your life.  TRUST!



How do we keep evolving?  If you have come to a certain point in your life where you are happy, there must be a point where you stop evolving right?  No, you don’t.  And you don’t have to go through tragic incidents or dramatic events to be able to evolve.  Continue to reflect on yourself and redefine and update your goals.  Take a look at what you have accomplished and what you would like to accomplish.  Anything is possible, you only put limitations on yourself.  Your ego is not in control, if you give your heart a chance to open and decide for you what you want, you will then know the meaning of true love and happiness because it comes from within you.  It may seem impossible because we have a habit of thinking that things are difficult to do, but once you change the thoughts it become easier.  You have then evolved.

Going through a difficult time or realizing that there needs to be some change is a chance to look within and be able to take responsibility of your life and as hard as it seems but change something, 1 thing and I promise you it will cause a chain of changes, for the good.  You’ve come this far in life, shouldn’t you owe it to yourself to keep going, but in a direction that has purpose.  I encourage every step of the way.

Evolve in life, love, work, everything that is you, EVOLVE!


“Don’t make excuses, make adjustments”

The definition of Excuses: attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.

When we seem to not take action in our lives in regards to work, school, career, love, etc, we make excuses and
hope that justifies the lack there of.  But in reality, making an excuse only hinders us from our greatness.
Ask yourself, why would you want to hide behind the amazingness of yourself?
Adjustments: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances; making something different.
Instead of making an excuse and not acting on it, make an adjustment that will help you improve your circumstance.
Make it simple, do something different, dare yourself.  Don’t make excuses a habit. Become aware of your abilities as a master of your life.  You are in charge, make the decisions that will lead to a much more successful and happy life.  If you continually make adjustments you will see results, something different everyday, how little the adjustment, you start to create a new habit.

This in turn will lead to Motivation; The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.  You will start to notice a difference in yourself, in the ability to get up every day and do something that helps you stay on track.  Don’t worry if you fall behind, just be aware of it.  You must be aware of your desires, actions and the goal that you want.  It is important to be in the moment, you are working towards a goal for a reason, and you must know that reason.  If you do not, then you need to ask yourself, what it is all for?  What is it that I want?  When you know the answer you will start to work on your goals.  Otherwise my friends, you are aimlessly following a blind path to unhappiness and turmoil.  Excuses will be your best friend and you won’t get anything accomplished.  It is possible to achieve your goals, but you must do the work on yourself in order to do so, stop fighting with your boyfriend/girlfriend , stop being annoyed by your family, stop letting your friends walk all over you, just STOP and FACE yourself, that is who you need to give your attention to.  Otherwise your just wasting time.

Self Reflection

“It is necessary … for a man to go away by himself … to sit on a rock … and ask, ‘Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?” 
― Carl Sandburg

Living in this crazy, media-inflicted society, we often times want to follow the pack and actually care what people think and say about us.   As we do this, we are not living an authentic life.  We are really not living for ourselves when we do this, we merely are followers , when in reality we are born Leaders.  Be aware enough to know what kind of life you are living, what habits you have cultivated to live that life.  Does it satisfy you completely?   Are you doing YOU?   Are you  living a loving, fulfilling life or a beast self-addictive life?  And to know the difference is to know thyself.  Obviously its easier said than done.  The trick is to face your fear of insecurity and realize its all in your mind.  Literally stop and listen to yourself, what does your heart tell you?  Maybe you need to dig deep inside and find the root of your pain and resistance for you to be able to move on, there is always a root.  Take some time to yourself and think about the questions that I have posed. Face yourself.   You have choices in life and why not live the life you were meant to live.  Create the life you want. I encourage you in your dreams, endeavors, and happiness in life.

The most powerful force in the world is….. a Woman with a Dream!

 As a woman you must first find out who you really are, where you came from and where you want to go.  And here is how you do it!

1. Listen to yourself, your inner voice, your intuition.  She is prompting you to pay attention.  Pay attention.  If you are not allowing a quality or energy to come through, it will continually come up until you recognize it and either accept it or change it.

2. Forgive yourself, forgive your past, forgive, forgive, forgive.  Everyone is on a learning path just like you, so whatever choice or mistake one has made, can be forgiven, you have choices.  Either you forgive and let go or you continue with a heavy burnt up heart & mind.  Once you release the energy, you are free.  This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with what was done, it just means that you are able to accept it for what it is and not be effected by it.

3. Love yourself immensely.  You are all you got, one life to live.  Might as well love everything about you.  If you have an imbalance it will show up in every area of your life, from health to finances to love.  Love is the most powerful force in life, its empowering.  We know that the root of our problems–all of our problems–is the lack of love.  So go and LOVE your beautiful self.

4. Know that fear does not exist.  Remove any “can’t do’s” from your vocabulary.  Its better not to judge yourself for your lack of action, you are still learning.  Remember that you already have everything inside of you, just take your time to cultivate it.

5. Master your skills, enhance your skills, manifest your creativeness.  When you are willing to follow where your creative energy leads, you will find yourself flowing with the energy doing what you really want to do.  You will feel the power.

6. Be confident.  Assert yourself.  Communicate your feelings.  Express yourself. Extend yourself. Give yourself. Know yourself. But don’t ever compromise yourself.

You must be able to be willing to face yourself, your strong side and your weak side.  We have many selves in us, we must accept and embrace them.  By being who you are and expressing yourself, you are having a healing and empowering effect on everyone you encounter and on the world around you.  You can make a change in yourself and in your life, if you do not like the way you are living, Change it!!  But know thyself first.

I encourage you, I embrace you, you can do it, its possible.  Just listen.

Dreams do come true, my loves…. embrace your power and take your dreams very very seriously!!

The World is Your Mirror

We create our own version of the world. And because you are creating your life, you can look at your creations and see what works well and what doesn’t and improve your skills.  As you work on your life, you start to appreciate who you are and recognize what you still need to learn. The learning never stops, I continue as we speak, To improve my life, I personally read lots of books, books that inspire, uplift, gets my mind right, I wake up to a book, I go to sleep to a book.  Some books I am reading right now is “Living in the Light” by Shakti Gawain, this book is putting my spiritual path in perspective, “The Art of Non-Conformity-Set your own rules/Live the life you want/and Change the world” By Chris Guillebeau, I borrowed this book from a friend, AA(thank you), and by the title of the book you already know what path it will take you and it puts perspective on the life path I have chosen and what can happen as I continue, My friend BM(thank you) recommended “The Millionaire Messenger” by Brendon Burchard, and this book helps you see that your testimony to the world is important and you can make money if handled right. So I am constantly reading to create the world that I desire.  Meditation, quiet time works to get in touch with your inner feelings, in order to mirror positively.  Ultimately, if you know exactly what you want and who you are, then you should be on a great path.  Look around, touch base with yourself and see what you are mirroring that you dislike, like and love.  Make sure you pay attention.  Some signs can be very insignificant and some are loud and clear, just perceive them correctly. Nothing is negative, everything is a gift that brings self-awareness. Just remember when you see beauty anywhere, it’s a reflection of yourself.

“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.” Gandhi

Fear is worrying at its finest.  We fear because somewhere inside us lies insecurity, either from someone from our past that hurt us or a negative incident.  The challenge is to take the time, a moment to look within and deal.  Deal with the truth, the truth that yes, we did get hurt, yes we did make a wrong decision, yes we are not perfect.  Once we deal and get serious about the insecurities, we have the opportunity to let things go and change.  Change creates fear as well.   Honestly though we will never ever know if we don’t try.  Our stomach will ache, our heart will mourn, our lives will be empty because of fear.  So why live that life?  Leap into whatever it is that got you all worried, make the change that you are afraid of, tackle the insecurity that got you living the mundane life.  Rise above the fear, its only an emotion, you have total control of yourself and your mind.

When I even had the thought of quitting my job, the fear of not knowing what will happen stopped me several times before I actually went through with my decision.  But most importantly what I did know was that I was not truly satisfied living a mundane life, a life where I didn’t pursue my dream on a daily basis.  My fear now was that I was not going to be able to live my life to the fullest, just average.  I knew I had to make the change, I had to challenge myself, step out and show myself I can do it.  I either feared not pursuing my dreams or feared failing because I pursued my dreams.  Choose your fear battles wisely.  I hope you (F)ace (E)verything (A)nd (R)ise.